“Nobody inspired me to get any of my tattoos besides me. I mean, that’s just what I was into and that’s what I like. I like art -not like the Mona Lisa art, the real fancy art- I was just into drawing and stuff like that. The best way of expressing it was putting it on my body.”

Dime 57

Q: Your wings definitely stand out as a fan favorite, tell us a little about those.
A: Ah man, that’s just my free bird. No matter what happens, you can’t hold me down for too long ’cause I’ma get back to flight!

Q: How about the big chain around your neck?
A: Oh my chain? Everybody else has chains -like necklaces- so I wanted to get a chain like a dog chain.”

Q: So what is the blue bird below your neck all about?
A: That’s my thunderbird, man. The King-Thundabird! When I dunk, I bring the thunda.”

Q: On your back you have “Birdman” spelled with an extra ‘n’, does that symbolize anything?
A: Um, no not really. Just BirdMANN. Not “Birdman”, just BirdMANN.

Have you heard? What’s the word?
It’s thunderbird.

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